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Don’t get stuck with finding your way out

Do you need help with your current automation project? Are you stuck and cannot find the way out? Would you need a helping hand with your UiPath process? Are you tired of searching for answers in endless threads on internet forums that don’t bring any results? Do you struggle to keep up the fast pace of UiPath’s improvements? Do you just want to have that robot working?

We are ready to help you solve all of these questions!

Our RPA Developers
can help you with

  • General help, guidance and mentoring during building your robotic process
  • Analyzing your needs and troubles, finding suitable solutions
  • Connecting UiPath to various endpoints like Google Cloud, Salesforce
  • How to automate SAP applications and old legacy applications.
  • Increasing your understanding of UiPath principles
  • Building the processes – cooperation on your project
  • Setting up robots (attended/unattended) in Orchestrator and on a virtual machine
  • Pointing you in the right direction and to the right resources
  • Explain you how the licensing model works and what are all your options
  • Help you on how to properly monitor and evaluate your process
  • Scaling the automation, setting triggers, using Robotic Enterprise Framework

„I thought it would be much easier!“

UiPath – one of the leader providers of business process automation is by no doubts a mature and well working tool. That is also why we at Robot ICT prefer it over other tools.

However the scale of posibilites that it gives you significantly overgrow the initial idea that thanks to a low-code platform everyone can build an automation with ease.

It can easily happen that even after you followed some courses, tutorials and guides, sooner or later you will be naturally facing new challenges and new issues. The journey to bulletproof and stable automation is not that simple as you might have been told.

And that is where We can give You a helping hand.

Good advice save you many wasted hours

Everyone started somewhere. Beginners and juniors need a strong support so their automation processes are, despite their level, stable and fully working.

Many companies were ethusiastic about RPA but underestimated amount of effort needed to create well working business automation processes.

RPA is a great tool but it is not a miraculous solution where you will see results tomorrow. Lot of companies were dissapointed and came to conclusion that RPA was not a good choice but in fact they just underestimated the implementation efforts.

So – let our developers with years of experience in the industry guide you to achieve what you need in shorter time and to teach you new things.

All of our developers are constantly keeping themselves up-to-dateto follow that fast pace and all new features.

Consider having someone on your hand

You hear about computer vision, self-learning robots and artificial intelligence but your bot is still somewhere in middle ages?

Well, then you definitelly need our RPA Assistance.

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Consider having someone on your hand