Dynamic Network

...for smoother networking and infrastructure automation!

Drive agility, security, operational efficiency, and compliance across your physical and virtual-defined infrastructure

What is DNA?

Inteligent solution

DNA is an intelligent network configuration and automation solution that enables network operations to perform most common request fullfillment tasks across thousands of devices in no time.

Quick administration

Administrators and operators can quickly run troubleshooting across the network, provision & deprovision new services, configure interfaces or routing. New modules can be developed using our leading Framework.

Productivity booster

Increase productivity and agility in providing the excellent customer service leading to improved customer experience.


DNA helps network operators automate and orchestrate provisioning, configuration & management as well as auditing of network devices, while being vendor independent.

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How it works

Benefits of DNA


Process cost reduction


Increase in efficiency


Enhanced customer satisfaction


Increases Efficiency

Automate ALL your systems at the speed of light which improves the communication and efficiency in all aspects of your business


Reduces Operational Costs

DNA increases service to the customer while reducing your operational staff costs


Increases Turnover

Sales will increase because you can deliver your product or service to your customers faster, with all your internal systems working with each other


Reduces Errors

DNA ensures that jobs are not forgotten or run out of sequence by inputting data correctly and eliminating operator errors which in turn increases productivity and reliability


Increases Performance

DNA automates and integrates all your existing systems 24/7 which increases the performance of your Company

Business Challenges

High Performing Infrastructure. It's the core of every business. High performing networks, connected to cloud services with security and applications services on top of this.

Using the latest modern technologies in combination with legacy infrastructure gives an enormous challenge for every business. Daily maintenance, keeping it secure and up to date across the technology stack in a cost efficient way and without the need to hire very specialized resources, because this is a challenge on its own.

At the same time end customers these days expect a fast turn around time for any request they have and have full visibility over the services they consume.

To fulfil these needs companies need a consistent system & software automation strategy across departments to be able to seamlessly manage all components on the network - legacy, physical, virtual, SD WAN, cloud.

Often automation is dependent on standardized data across systems, and lack of standardization might end-up being a show-stopper for some of the automation projects.

Lastly, it‘s very important to have the strategy supported and sponsored by top management, which besides the planned outcomes expectations often requires ROI measures.

Our DNA Eco-System


Our DNA software

With DNA you can make any predefined changes via a customer dashboard and have visibility over many other things. Connect your network, cloud, datacenters and security services to a single platform to manage your events, incidents, requests and to provision or update services. The Low or No Code principles make it easy for any user to build or just execute automation workflows.



Request Fullfillment Automation

Perform commonly requested tasks in an automated way. System is easily extensible with new modules created on-demand.


Compliance Management

Your sensitive data are safe with DNA Compliance Management


Event-driven Automation

Exercise complete authority over any system on-prem, in the cloud, and across the network with event-driven IT orchestration and automation.



Unified cockpit for provisioning of new services. Template management, configuration push, and verifications within a single view.



Schedule jobs and workflows to automatically run at a certain period of time, occuringly, or with an event.



Keep an eye on your technology stack. Automatic discovery of subnets finds known devices and adds them to discovery. If credentials are provided and device is accessible, the CMDB type of data is automatically discovered.



Group activities and tasks into a single workflow, so it all happens in a logic aligned with a process.


Self-help Portal

Create a self service experience that supports your brand and improves user’s satisfaction.


Rest API

Allows easy automation & integration with any system across the IT stack.

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