GAN Integrity: New entity onboarding

Business Area

GAN Integrity provides solutions that give global compliance management teams a single place for compliance management. Creating a new profile in internal CRM system is a key activity within the entity on-boarding process. Setup of a new entity includes environment and customer specific settings that need to be prepared before the counterpart can use the internal system.

Main Challenge

Our client's goal was to automate a business process that includes more than 200 steps.

The main motivation was to relieve the employees from this lengthy, repetitive and very straightforward task.

One of the challenges was to integrate the automation between the internal CRM system, Salesforce, and Google Cloud storage.

Solution Needed

End to end automation based on the client documentation.

The whole process includes three data sources. Client requested to have an overview of the process in terms of monitoring, running, scheduling and exception handling.

Solution Provided

We developed a robot that took care of the whole process.

The process has been created based on the client's documentation.

We successfully integrated all systems that have the ability to communicate with the robot using APIs or similar ways. This included Salesforce and Google Drive.

A major part of the process has been automated by replicating the same steps that a human would do but using a software robot.


Process is running based on a trigger every day and checking if there is data to process.

Client is able to monitor the run of the process using UiPath Orchestrator. In case of failure an email message is sent to support team indicating where exactly the process failed. In this rather exceptional point a human operator can follow up on the process and finish the task.

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Time savings






systems connected


Robot ICT have helped us automate one of our core client implementation tasks, saving us hours of effort per implementation. It has been really nice to work with Robot ICT - they are very flexible and collaborative and care about solving customer problems. Their staff are skilled and experts in their trade. They have been very open about sharing their knowledge and have also helped us upskill our staff. We look forward to our continued collaboration.

Preeti Pillai

Director of Product Management at GAN Integrity

Customer Benefits

Users can focus on more challenging and intelecutal tasks.

Client has better overview of the process.

Human error rate reduced to zero.

Robot can handle big amount of inputs during peak periods.

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Who is behind this solution

Roman Hruška

RPA Consultant

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